Tom Bright & Rob Hemming

‘An inspiring, moving and entertaining vision of how we can all connect across difference”.

Tom ‘N’ Rob is a captivating duet of comedic dance theatre, created by talent and friendship in its purest form. The duo’s will be creating a film of their hilarious performance that will be premiering online in Spring 2021!

“We are delighted about receiving a HG31 commission as it will allow Tom N Rob to reach audiences who have been harshly hit by lockdown, and will allow us to continue developing and adapting as we define our practice.

About Tob & Rob

Tom Bright first worked with Open Theatre over 17 years ago as an actor, and he has been a member of Freefall Dance Company since 2016. He is creatively spontaneous and possesses an openness and natural ability as a mover.

Rob Hemming is a Dutch – British dance artist. He started dancing at 12 years old and received a BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Dance, at London Contemporary Dance School. Rob’s creative approach is authentic, thoughtful and responsive.

Instagram: @robert_hemming