HG31 offers lots of targeted & open access programmes to help young people and emerging talent who live in challenging circumstances. It includes elements of: social action, creativity, exploring leadership, producing and project management skills. The Loft has 4 targeted initiatives:  

Get on Track is a targeted early intervention music making programme for young people in youth offending and in care to improve personal development, resilience and grow their musical aspirations. Young people on this project also take part in workshops, discussions and events to explore positive solutions to grow their musical potential. 

Making Tracks 2.0 is leadership music making programme for young aspiring and emerging talent that require the support and guidance to take their creativity to the next level.

Get On Track & Making Tracks 2.0 consist of: 
+ Music production / Djing / Lyric writing / Poetry & spoken word
+ Performance/ Showcases / Cyphers/freestyles
+ Music videos  / Videography

Both these programmed are divided into 3 core areas:
+ Beat and Bars: Supporting to develop their music technical ability 
+ Business: Develop the music fundamentals of business
+ Breakthrough: Showcasing the music-making through events and performances

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