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Unconsciously You is produced by Linden Dance Company will create a series of short dance (afro-fusion and contemporary) and spoken word digital films, to be shared on Social Media, that explore racial discrimination through unconscious bias and ways in which we can adapt our thinking to promote a more open minded, empathetic approach. The films will be accompanied by a bespoke musical score created by Azizi Cole.

“We are delighted to receive the Homegrown31 Commission as it will provide the opportunity for us to continue our creative research into an innovative and empowering movement language, curate new, thought-provoking artistic content to share with a digital platform and expand our audiences and potential impact.”

About Linden Dance 

Instagram: @linden.dc

Sara Macqueen is a contemporary dance artist and teacher with a passion for positively engaging and empowering everyone in the benefits of creative movement. After graduating from Northern School of Contemporary Dance with First Class Honours in 2014 she performed around the UK and Europe with companies such as SEH, M Dance Company and Earthfall and continued her own choreographic journey with performances at Agitart Festival (Barcelona), Birmingham Weekender and Birmingham International Dance Festival. She currently dances with ME Dance Company with Marcia Edwards. Between 2018-2020 she co-ordinated and delivered DanceXchange Schools Program and is engaged as Lead Artist for DanceXchange CAT program. She teaches for companies including Autin Dance Theatre, Sense, Nicholson School of Dance, Birmingham Pro Class and Mercurial Dance. She has performed in various TV shows (HBO, Sky, Channel 4), film (20th Century Fox), theatre shows, dance photography and continued to explore her practice through cross-genre collaboration.

Christopher Radford is a Midlands based, professional dance performer, teacher and choreographer who works in the high energy styles of African, Afro-fusion and Contemporary. Originally from Birmingham, Chris started dancing as a member of ACE dance and music’s youth company. He moved on to formal training at Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds receiving a First-Class BPA(hons) Degree, and completed an apprenticeship with Scottish Dance Theatre, in conjunction with London Contemporary Dance School, receiving a Distinction Postgraduate Diploma. After graduating, Chris became a freelance artist; touring nationally and internationally with companies including: Scottish Dance Theatre, Autin DT, ACE dance and music, Heather Walrond Company and Corey Baker Dance. He has internationally performed works by choreographers; Damien Jalet, Anton Lachky, Rosie Kay and Fleur Darkin, and has also been involved in research and video development with Extended Play Dance, led by Jamaal Burkmar.

Azizi was raised in Handsworth, Birmingham, music has always been a key influencer in his life. With Birmingham’s rich history of Black British music he was exposed to the arts from before he can remember. Having began dancing with ACE Dance and Music’s youth program from as young as four years old, he has used the transferable skills and applied them to his creative practice. Working for the last six years in Leeds as an accompanist at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, Azizi has been fortunate enough to develop himself with the majority of his works catering to the support and development of music through contemporary dance, building the bridge between the two art forms.