‘I am not a victim…I am free.’ When Sheila* spoke so passionately about what the refuge had given her, about the trauma she had escaped, she was very quick to point out she was no victim. By leaving the violence, emotional and physical abuse behind, she was free. Her daughter was free. In this project Jaskirt Boora will work alongside the women from Birmingham Crisis Centre to create photo zines on their refuge life and collaborative portraits to share their story. The main premise of these workshops and collaboration is to empower the women skills and give them an opportunity to tell their story and have their voice heard.

*All names have been changed. 

“A fantastic opportunity to continue developing my socially engaged practice and working with communities. I’m also really excited to continue the work I began with the women at the refuge, which has been some of the most fulfilling in my arts practice to date.

About Jaskirt

Jaskirt Boora is an award-winning photographer whose work focuses on a socially engaged practice using portraiture and documentary photography. Fuelled by a passion for people and their stories, her work has been exhibited across the country, including Wembley Stadium and Manchester’s people museum, as well as being published in The Sunday Times. She has won numerous awards including the Photo Imaging Council Award and Ideas Tap & Magnum Sports Award. Her most celebrated projects include Everyday Olympian and Mitti Di Khushboo.

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