jae tallawah

Psalms for The Highly Sensitive is a postcard series and a mixed media zine that re-imagines what Psalms look like and who they support. It uses music, illustration and diary entries to create charms, mantras and affirmations to nurture your inner child from multiple access points. In a biblical context, Psalms are sacred texts that can be recited or sung to offer comfort or encouragement. As people, we all have a need to be encouraged, spoken life into and affirmed in order to grow into our most authentic selves. Psalms for the Highly Sensitive is Jae Tallawah’s first completely self-produced project it was born from the provocation: How can Jae – as a maker – create work that nurtures themselves, others,  and reflects their purpose in a way that is truly accessible.

“Being commissioned by HomeGrown31 is the first time I’ve been invested in as a multi-disciplinary artist. It gives me the time & resources to show that there is space in the West Midlands for all types of art – you don’t have to just be one thing.”

About Jae

Jae Tallawah is a ferociously Brummy, Neurodiverse, non-binary, Queer multidisciplinary artist. Jae’s practice mainly manifests as an illustrator, music maker, space curator and a visual note-taker. Jae is an active member of House Of Bab – Birminghams first vogue/art collective. They are currently the Creative Legacy and Inclusion lead for MAIA and they do voluntary work for UNMUTED. Jae is driven by a desire to curate spaces and experiences that make people feel seen, encouraged and help them to heal.

Instagram: @unapologeticblackgirl